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The First Encounter Until Last Encounter Memories Still Lingering On……

December 6, 2009
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The first time I have seen snow was January 1979, my family and I immigrate to the United States.  I looked outside the apartment and saw kids playing in heavy snow.  Sled riding down the hill on the church property it looks like they were having a good time, while I was inside trying to keep warm. 

First snow fall of the year

When I got up this morning the first thing I saw was this white powder snow start to covers the ground. Wow first snow of the year!! 

 I remembered March 2006, they called for heavy snow storms. I just flew into Philadelphia International airport a twenty-two hours flight from Laos.  I wanted to get back home. From my parents house, it took me six hours to get home normally it would only take approximately three hours.  I have been gone for six weeks, I just want to get home. I ‘ve got a cat sitter for my cat but the two outside cats, they’ve been left out and my neighbors are taking care of them.  Come to think of it they are the development cats, everybody knows their name. My neighbor had built a shed for them while I was away. It six a.m I finally got  into my driveway.  I called them while I unloaded my suitcase from the car, I saw the two of them ran across my neighbor house through thick snow they are just happy to see me, as I am happy to see them,  they looked like they have been fed very well.  I asked them if they missed me, I think they did, because they stayed with me all day that day while I just drops on the couch and slept for at least twelve hours none of them made any fussed,  if they did; I didn’t noticed.   When I finally came around it was late in the evening.  Outside was blanketed with more snow and it was still snowing.  I opened the door to the garage and let the two them out.  When the weather dip below 30 C they would stayed in my garage, the two of them would curled up in thick blankets and before I go to bed I would come out and tugged Sam inside the blanket he would stay in there until morning on the other hand O.J just prefered to curled up on top. It is funny how they have their own personality. My princess would sleep on the bed all cover up underneath the soft down comforter until morning.  O.J would be the first to wake up and want to go outside.  They would get fed and the two boys would disappear in the wood and Lexus would prefer to lie on the sunny spot and I would leave for work.   

Which made me think back December 2000, I moved to this area  nine years ago my house was the first one build in this development. The first summer I had a visitor by this guy. I named him O.J.               

O.J the orange tabby

 Actually; he invited himself in thinking that he would be able to stay permanently.  Wrong, because she won’t have it. The Princess whose rule the house.  She first hissed at him a few times then finally she was ok with it as long as the visitor didn’t stay long.                

Lexus doesn't like stranger especially strayed cat

Samuel written on his medical record. I called him "Sam"

Couple months later O.J decided to bring his best friend over. Which I didn’t mind he is cute little fella he wasn’t much as a thread to the princes since she is used to O.J. They came and go, as long as I feed them twice a day and left a bowl of fresh water on the porch for them. They are just happy, happy to have someone to take care of them.  Everyday I came home from work, the two cats would be at my front porch, I saw Lexus on the top of the chair looking out.  Both would greet me they would get up from where they were laying and they would rubbed their body against my legs and just meowing I would drop down on my knee and petted both of them and asked them how their day went, they would just purr and meow away. I let them inside the house and Lexus would jumped down from the chair I would pick her up and gave her hugs and kisses. By this time they recognized their name as O.J and Sam. Sam probably have been out in the wood longer than O.J or maybe he prefers fresh killed, occasionally he would bring half  dead mouse home drops right in front of the garage. I always told him Thanks Sam!!             

In mid-summer, five years ago O.J suddenly disappeared, my neighbor and I looked for him for days even went to the SPCA still didn’t find him. Sam has been calling for his best friend for days and nights throughout the development with no luck.  He refuses to eat and wandering around the neighbor I called him and he would come by I picked him up and petted him and telling him that everything it’s going to be ok, O.J will be back. Out of loneliness  and still refused to eat he had lost a lot of weight, he was skin and bone, I finally decided it was for the best. I asked my neighbor to take him in to the veterinary putting him to sleep .        My first cat,  fall of 1996. I still remember that day very well.   I was met by my friend co-worker at a dark alley in someone garage. She opened the garage door and I saw four or fives cats all  ran for covers. I grabbed this tiny little thing on my hand, she was the slowest one so she gets to come home with me.  I gave her a bath and gave her some milk and wet kitten food she finished that up pretty quickly.  I placed her in the cardboard box with some towel to keep her warm.  She refused to stay in there, she jumps out and was meowing until I picked her up wrapped her with my old sweater place her on my lap until she calm down and went to sleep.The following  day I took her to the veterinary to get her checkup. She got couple shots and de-worm.  I name her  “Lexus”  she is one of the precious animal I adore and loves.  All fourteen years that we had been together she had never let me down whether I have bad day or good day.  Of those fourteen years Lexus had been living with diabetes for seven years.    She endured insulin injection twice a day and every two weeks visiting the vet to monitor her glucose levels.  Once in a while I questions myself  whether I was good to her and took a good care or not.  This past summer Lexus has been shown signed of lost of appetite and began to lost weight.  She also been drinking lot of water and peeing  a lot, I took her to see the vet again this time, she was diagnosis with thyroid disease.  She was prescribed medication for her thyroid problem but she still not feeling any better.  She would throw up every time after every meals.  I took her back to the vet to get her x-ray to see if there is any obstruction in the intestine, they found nothing.  She was dehydrated from throwing up and not eating.  The vet informed me that she needed fluid and an overnight observation, I hesitated at first  because  I knew she doesn’t like to stay overnight at the hospital . The following morning I called the vet office and asked how she was doing.  I was told she is weak and was given her prognosis.  I knew she wasn’t going to live pass that day and I wanted to bring her home to die at home, on her favorite sleeping spot and her favorite blanket.  As soon as I hung up the phone with the vet getting ready to leaves, the phone rang again it was the vet this time I was informed that Lexus went into cardiac arrest, CPR was performed but was unable to bring her back, she had pass away. 

So the first snow falls, the first autumn, the first summer these are some of the memories that I have endured and the most painful one seem to linger longer………..

  1. December 6, 2009 3:31 AM

    We’ve a light snow here also, but I don’t know if it will stick by morning. I’ve a Gmail theme, and it was showing snow and I thought ridiculous, but sure enough that thing always tell the most accurate weather conditions outside, whether it be rain, cloud, sun and now snow.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your cat Lexus. I had a dog named Ralph that had diabetes for almost 7 years and he passed away when he was over 15 years old, we didn’t know his real age. When he was diagnosed with diabetes, I was still in school, and knew then that I had to work more hours to pay for his medical bill. I had to give him 2 insulin injections daily, but I tested his glucose level myself with a test strip, it was hard trying to catch his pee with the test strip. Ralph looked just like Benji and toward the last year of his life, he was completely blind, but we had another dog that was his eyes. My dad made a big dog house underneath the deck, so I sat inside his dog house with him the night that he passed away. I think when you’ve them that long, they became a part of your family, I’ve my fair share of loosing a few dogs.

    • salalao permalink*
      December 6, 2009 6:09 AM

      This was the most difficult post I have written. I did it becuase I needed it. I felt a lttle better when is in black and white. I figure someone out there have lost love one would feel the same way. When certain day, events, their favorite food could trigger this thought bring back the memories in circle just to shed some tears 😦
      Thanks for sharing about your dog.

  2. December 7, 2009 10:51 AM

    I love all those names, the infamous O.J. hahahahha Lexus is nice name.

    Nice picture of snow fall..

    • salalao permalink*
      December 8, 2009 10:57 PM

      Well I wasn’t think of that O.J when I name him. Yeah Lexus is pretty cool cat name. She was my baby will always be……….
      Yes it’s snowing again 😦

  3. December 12, 2009 8:38 AM

    Very thoughtful and moving post. I know exactly how you feel about something triggering thoughts about someone or something from one’s past.

    You are right, these posts are hard to write, but in doing so they become a catharsis for us to deal with the loss we have in our hearts and our lives.

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